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Mission and Vision

Our mission is to provide full satisfaction to our clients through the continuous improvement of the provision of services, projects and production processes. While implementing the mission, we do not forget about the growth of the company's value and the development of its employees.

DMSPOL's vision is the result of the company's knowledge, practice and ambition. It shows the directions to which the company is heading. It also characterizes the clients, products, markets, technologies and company image.

Company Vision:

  • for owners:
    • care for the increase of the company's value,
  • in relation to the employees of the company:
    • ensuring harmonious development of employees and providing them with good working conditions,
  • for customers:
    • providing details in accordance with the clients' requirements,
  • for products:
    • offering products constantly improved in terms of quality,
    • constant supervision over maintaining a competitive product price,
  • for markets:
    • recognition of domestic markets as dominant,
    • penetration of the Polish market in connection with the investments of companies from the automotive and food industry, especially of component manufacturers,
  • regarding technology:
    • striving for a world-wide quality standard in the production of parts and subassemblies
    • new and modernization investments and know-how transfer to achieve very high quality of production and low consumption of production factors,
  • regarding the company's philosophy:
    • creating a picture of a modern, technologically advanced and environmentally friendly company,
    • consolidating the opinion of a reliable and predictable company that cares about good working conditions and employee development,
    • eco-friendly production,
    • action based on the principles of law, ethics and friendly relations with the environment.

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